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               Our collection of mobile device mounts, stands and portable backdrops is AV Apparatus. Our newly developed schema for interpreting in signed and spoken languages is Blended Interpreting.  We welcome you to explore both of our divisions and we will be pleased to response to your questions and comments.

   AV Apparatus

SITUATE                   STUDIO

    Mobile Device Positioning & Holding System        Portable & Fixed Video Backdrops    

  CVI SITUATE for Presentations; Presenter using stands for iPad, iPhone and Surface at the Tech Breakfast 

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AV Apparatus (AVA) and Blended Interpreting (BI) offerings  are intended primarily for Business-to-Business volume sales.

AVA has dozens of components and thousands of solutions depending on dimensions, colors, finish, configurations and function. We want you to receive precisely what you need!

BI offers services related to the adoption and implementation of Bl, e.g. presenting, consulting, training, interpreting, operational support and program design, evaluation and revision.

We do encourage individuals to inquire if CVI can accommodate  your time frame since most orders take 10-14 days.

We appreciate your interest in the CVI products and services and thank you for visiting the CVI website.

Blended Interpreting

for English to American Sign Language


   CVI Blended Interpreting

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NEW!. PCRID Workshop: Dynamic Positioning & Visual Field

                InterpretAmerica 5: CVI Video Remote Interpreting 2.0


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  History: Steve Frank  founded Clear View Innovations (CVI)  in 1998. CVI's  first product was the  "Interpreter Mirror" -- a professional tool for sign language interpreters. Now, in the 21st century the function of the Interpreter Mirror is being performed by the "Rear Visual Feed."

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 Profile: CVI has created and introduced over 20 new products and services that mainstream consumer, business, educational,  governmental, corporate and industrial organizations find unique and critical for their operations. CVI's expertise is in the areas of device apparatus and interpreting.

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