Below are photographs and videos depicting SITUATE in action with mobile devices in home, work, travel, medical, leisure and more settings.

       Product Shots        iPhone6 

       Presentations         Healthcare


iPad Holder with Folding Table Stand (2:08)


        Video Calling       Education

iPhoneography Photo-Video


iPad Holder & Stands in Action (4:07)


   Video Interpreting       Business

   Train Travel                Vehicles        


iPhone Holder & Stands in Action (4:33)


       Sports        Industry

       Second Screen Viewing  


iPad Holder with Spindle Only (1:06)

       Features               Benefits

       Presentations        Healthcare 


 SITUATE for the Connected Driver

The prices vary depending on what items you need. The range of prices is:


for Office, Home, Business, Travel, Education and Healthcare Mobility & Video


AV Apparatus



Complete Device Positioning & Holding System  



CVI SITUATE for Presentations; Presenter using stands for iPad, iPhone and Surface at the Tech Breakfast 





Portable & Fixed Video Backdrops


   and more important accessories ...


 TYPE Wireless Keyboard Holders

• SHINE Lights          • SHOOT Cam Holders

• ERGO Devices      • SOUND Audio



Contact Information

   Steve Frank                     (410) 491-9172 cell/text

   Clear View Innovations    cvigear@gmail.com

   61 Penny Lane                 www.cvigear.com

   Baltimore, MD 21209        Skype: cvigear


Below are photographs and videos depicting  STUDIO models in action at home offices, workplace and on-the-road settings.

STUDIO Roll     STUDIO Roll Slides   

STUDIO Roll Chromakey Green


Original STUDIO Roll (Voice & Captions; 3:11)



STUDIO Framed Green Screen


Original STUDIO Roll (ASL; 3:19)


STUDIO Spring Roll

STUDIO Chain Roll


New  STUDIO Spring Roller (1:06)

STUDIO Dual Roll

STUDIO Projection Screen


SITUATE for Train Travel



 SITUATE for Football   (pdf & video)

The prices vary depending on what items you need. The range of prices is:


Mission:  To innovate and provide breakthrough products and services that support  efficiency, productivity, health, safety, communication and enjoyment in life's endeavors - worldwide.

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History: Steve Frank founded Clear View Innovations (CVI)  in 1998. CVI's  first product was the  "Interpreter Mirror" -- a professional tool for sign language interpreters. Now, in the 21st century the function of the Interpreter Mirror is being performed by the "Video Visual Feed."

Clear View Innovations

 Profile: CVI has created and introduced over 20 new products and services that mainstream consumer, business, educational,  governmental, corporate and industrial organizations find unique and critical for their operations. CVI's expertise is in the areas of device apparatus and interpreting.

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