.Video Visual Feed

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Video Remote Interpreting 2.0

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VRI 2.0 Sample Video 1 (1:58)

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Interpretation  Design


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Combines Resources

Reduces Distractions

Conserves Energy

Creates Choice

Eye Path and Signal Alignment (EPSA)

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Contact Information

   Steve Frank                   (410) 491-9172 cell/text     Clear View Innovations  cvigear@gmail.com       61 Penny Lane               www.cvigear.com              Baltimore, MD 21209     Skype: cvigear

VRI 2.0 Online

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Video Proximal Interpreting

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VRI 2.0 Sample Video 2 (0:13)

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Mission:  To innovate and provide breakthrough products and services that support  efficiency, productivity, health, safety, communication and enjoyment in life's endeavors - worldwide.

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History: Steve Frank founded Clear View Innovations (CVI)  in 1998. CVI's  first product was the  "Interpreter Mirror" -- a professional tool for sign language interpreters. Now, in the 21st century the function of the Interpreter Mirror is being performed by the "Video Visual Feed."

Clear View Innovations

 Profile: CVI has created and introduced over 20 new products and services that mainstream consumer, business, educational,  governmental, corporate and industrial organizations find unique and critical for their operations. CVI's expertise is in the areas of device apparatus and interpreting.

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